You have been here all along.



Sometimes, the one that you have been praying for and wishing for has been there all along. And this is exactly what happened with Peter and Rica’s love story. Without ruining it, I would like to invite you to watch their highlight film and enjoy a love story which is stranger than some movies.



( Testimonial from the Groom )GET A VIDEOGRAPHER!!! I didn’t know how important a videographer was until we actually got one. There were SOO many things that we missed or did not see during our wedding that Dom and his team were able to catch.From start to finish Bay Area VDO was super professional. Our wedding looked like a Hollywood production with all the shooters that came, and the best thing about that is, not one of the shooters were in any of the videos, that’s pro!
My wife was shooting a scene by a tree and there were large ants that got onto her dress. Before my wife could freak out, Dom’s team stepped right in and swept all the ants away, that’s customer service!
Bay Area VDO also can make an exclusive music video (fun video) that only THEY do, any other company that does it has definitely bit off their idea. The fun video is so worth, add it to your package, we LOVE ours!!
I HIGHLY recommend getting a videographer. Yes it’s an added charge, but SO worth it! Go with Bay Area VDO Production, Dom is super detailed and definitely knows what he’s doing. – Peter

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