Through the Storm

gina - mark

It’s not often, even rare, that the city of San Francisco would ban all the small ships from the bay due to a very unusual wind advisory of 40 – 50 mph. Yet this is how it was the day that Gina and Mark had planned for their outdoor/ next to the beach wedding on Treasure Island. And the whole experience was one of a kind.”We knew and prepared that it was going to be very windy, but not like this!” the couple confessed to me. Yet they pulled it off…. So they joked to each other that “if they could make this wedding through this storm, they can make it through anything”. Unconsciously, the couple also picked this instrumental song that goes so well this whirlwind that nearly blew everyone off their feet. And on a personal note, this is one of the most challenging productions that we have gone through, both sound recording and stabilizing our cameras through this strong wind. However, if we got a choice, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat because as you about to see and hear their wonderful love + wedding story, it’s truly exciting, jubilant and heartfelt, all at the same time.

( Testimonial from the bride )The short review:
We hired Bay Area VDO as the videographer for our wedding. They were nothing short of phenomenal. We are so happy with the work they did and would recommend them to all of our family and friends. If you are considering hiring a videographer, DEFINITELY meet with Dom. He will make your day!
The detailed review: Dom and his team are organized, professional, kind, and all around wonderful to work with. I met with several videographers and it’s true what they say – you should definitely meet in person. I knew right away upon meeting Dom that he would take great care of us and would capture our wedding day beautifully. He offers a few different packages to meet your needs and budget. He sets your expectations from the start and follows through on what he says he’ll do. His editing and production styles are unique and exactly what we wanted (definitely check out lots of sample work for anyone you are considering to make sure their style resonates with you). Dom and his team worked tirelessly to capture all the footage throughout the day. Our outdoor ceremony was blessed with heavy winds and I was so worried that the audio wouldn’t come through. Of course, we had nothing to worry about. The audio and video were perfect and we have so much appreciation for everything Dom and his team did for us on the day of and for all the post-editing work Dom did to make our wedding video the treasure that it is. The quality of his work is extraordinary and we are so grateful to have this to share with our family and friends for years to come. Thank you Bay Area VDO!!!! 5++++ Stars!!!- Gina



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