Treasure found

christle - richard 1

Well, you fill in the blank however you believe it should be but for Christle and Richard the answer couldn’t be clearer.
From chocking up again and again to not being able to finish their wedding vows to the super surprise act in their own wedding, the list goes on and on. There were so much love and joy flowing around this film.
Without saying too much, it would be easier if you could watch this highlight film below and see the whole story yourself. Then you will see how happy they are now that they found their greatest treasure.
P.S. Also see how Richard surprised his bride in the bonus clip – below the highlight video.

( Testimonial from the groom )Here’s what you need to know:
1. Dom is a video editing genius. Our highlight video was cut so perfectly to the song that we picked. The video did an outstanding job telling the story of our wedding in only six minutes. It’s clear that he works hard scouring their raw footage for the both the exciting moments and those important subtle ones that capture the emotion of our wedding.
2. The finished product of the wedding DVD is everything we could have imagined. His wedding DVDs come in very stylish packaging, not just a typical jewel case. When you see the DVD menus that Dom creates, you will love the video thumbnails for each chapter of your wedding.
3. On the day of the wedding itself, aside from the thirty seconds it took to wire me up with a microphone for the ceremony, my wife, bridal party, and I hardly noticed Dom and his camera crew. They get all the best angles but manage to do it without getting in the way.
4. The before and after stages of working with Dom were fun! He genuinely enjoys getting to know his clients before the big event so that he can better capture it on video and give you what you want. By the day of your wedding, when you see Dom, it will feel like you’re seeing a good friend.
Because of Dom’s skill at video editing, the ease we had in working with him, and all the extras that go into the finished product, you will be very happy you chose Bay Area VDO Production to capture your wedding day. – Richard

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