“You bring so much joy into my existence”

Melissa & Hakeem1A big question for human existence is, Why Are We Here? And we could debate or discuss about this topic until the end of time. But here’s what we believe…
We believe that “true love will bring so much joy and peace into your life” and perhaps when you have found true love then you might also have found the true reason to live and even the reason why you are here…” And this is the core message in both Hakeem’s and Melissa’s wedding vows. We found their wedding vows to be both powerful and sentimental. And that can also describe the theme for the couple’s wedding.
The couple met at the cafeteria, the day they became residents for the first time. That first day of being a resident can be very busy and crazy, so you don’t expect to meet your soul mate then and there. But they surely did.
So here we are at the couple’s wedding day, which showcased the unique blend of their culture heritages. At first, I questioned the couple’s song choice as they picked the theme song from an animated movie for their main wedding film: “An animation song, really?”
But after being a part of their wedding, listeneing to their love story and vows, and seeing the wonderful and colorful display of their culture, I have no doubt that they picked the perfect song. We definitely love the beat, love the dance and love the love and energy that flew in the air of that night.

( Testimonial) Dom and his crew were simply amazing! My wife and I are super picky people, and we had looked through a ton of videographers without feeling like we had found the right one. We knew that we wanted to incorporate my Nigerian and her Filipino heritage and had settled on one that we both liked, but the company that will remain nameless completely flaked out on our meeting without any apology. We had almost gotten to the point where we were not going to have one for the wedding, but thank God one of our friends had worked with Dom in the past and had given him a raving review. We met with him before the wedding and fell in love with his personality. He offered us a great rate, included so much footage, and showed us some quality videos during our consultation, so we were sold.
He came with two other videographers who shot for 10+ hours. His crew was not intrusive at all and did a great job of blending into the background. We had great views of the ceremony, reception, and personal well-wisher videos. We knew that the video was going to be great, but we did not realize that it was going to be EPIC! The finished product speaks for itself. It was truly a blessing to work with him, and we hope that he and his crew continues to have boundless amounts of success. – Hakeem

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