The darkest hours of life, the brightest side of love.

christine-grant1This story is calling out to be told….
With just a quick glance Grant and Christine look like a very ordinary couple and their wedding is definitely NOT the most extravagant one. But if you look closer and listen to their story, I hope you will agree with me that their story is memorable, haunting, shocking (considering Christine is a doctor herself and didn’t expect this to happen to her) and filled with love and courage. The couple hauled all their guests from Houston , TX to San Francisco and that’s how much they love our beautiful city.
If you watch this highlight film and don’t cry it’s because we really don’t want you to. Even though the story has its dark details, in the end it shows how much the couple love each other and how much their love guided them into the light and to the other side of tunnel. So instead of feeling sad from their story, we hope you feel encouragement, hope and love. Just like the song that the couple picked for themselves, they believe that only if you can get through a big storm then you will find a ” Rainbow Connection”. Sometimes life is so ironic. It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, absence to value presence, and for Christine and Grant, it took the darkest hours of life to discover the brightest side of their love.

( Testimonial) This review is long overdue. We are from Houston, Texas, but had our wedding at the beautiful Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito last September.
Dom and his team of videographers were absolutely incredible. They showed up early, set up and went to work immediately. The crew stayed out of the way but were able to capture every very single moment of the wedding, from the pre-ceremony music, to the tree planting to the final toast. When we got the finished product, we couldn’t help but shed some happy tears. Dom captured EVERY important moment of the wedding and produced a master piece that we will treasure forever. He is meticulous, artistic and most of all, he listens to what we wanted. Since we are not from the Bay Area, I wanted him to capture some outdoor scenes (driving across GG Bridge, etc). And boy did he deliver in his finished product!
We highly recommend Dom and Bay Area VDO to anyone who is looking for a wedding videographer. Do it! You will NEVER regret this. – Christine

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