Love unites.

anna pic1
Lately, our City Hall became not only the landmark of the Marriage Equality movement but also the celebration of love. Both Anna and Pedro’s families immigrated from two separate continents. They were the first generations to be born here and grew up in totally different parts of the country. Finally, life guided them to meet years ago when they worked in the same city. Through their mutual friend’s recommendation, the couple met on their first date. Pedro got stuck in traffic and came so late that he was in a hurry and parked his car in the wrong place and got a big ticket. Sounds like a bad first date but that didn’t matter: the couple “Clicked” right when they first met and nothing can separate them ever since.
Here we are on a beautiful day in San Francisco, under the 5th largest dome in the world, a couple and the two big families from such different parts of the world, united as one.

( Testimonial) I knew from the moment I met Dom and saw his work that he would be our videographer. He was very friendly and professional, and he was a great joy to be around. Dom offered several wedding packages, and after visiting with a few other videographers in the area, Dom seemed to offer the best coverage and the best quality for what you pay for. His payment options are affordable, and his work speaks for itself – high-quality, classy, timeless, and personalized.
A lot of work went in to personalizing every detail of our wedding. Seeing that Dom included every detail in the video made all the sweat and tears worth it. My husband and I wanted everyone to have fun during our wedding day, and even though we couldn’t be everywhere at one time, Dom and his team were able to capture all the moments we didn’t get to experience the day of our wedding. Seeing our guests have fun in the photo booth and watching our families and friends mingle and dance the night away was like reliving the day again from a new perspective. I love how well Dom communicated with us during the whole process and how our input was reflected in our videos. For anyone planning a wedding, the last thing you need is any kind of uncertainty. With Dom, you are in great hands. Dom has an amazing skill in capturing all your special moments and editing all the hours of footage while making sure the videos reflect YOU. He went above and beyond our expectations, and we are highly pleased with the results. We can’t thank him enough for his beautiful work.

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