Love Again.

This might sound like a plot from a Hollywood movie but it’s the true love story of Marla & Brandon. The couple met in high school. They were high school sweet hearts. But maybe because they were so young they kept wondering: “what’s still out there to discover?” Or maybe it was the fact that they could not believe that they were so lucky and could hit the “Jackpot” and meet “the love of their life” as their first love.
So they called it quits. Both were separated and moved on with their lives.
But comparisons are easier to make once you’ve had a taste of perfection. So (without getting into too many details) 15 years later (and after the couple even had marriages of their own) here we are on the couple’s wedding day (which is also featured on The Knot magazine Spring/Summer 2013 issue).
As the author J.R. Ward said “Some things are destined to be — it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.”

( Testimonial from the bride) My husband and I were married this past July 2012, and if we could do one thing differently it would have been hiring Bay Area VDO earlier in our wedding planning process (like around the time we were looking for a photographer).We booked the venue, I found the perfect dress, and next we looked to book our photographer. This was the order of our priorities. We didn’t even consider a videographer for our wedding. Our mindset was that the photographer was pretty much the most important vendor we would book because they would tell the story of our big day for years to come. We were willing to splurge to get the best quality possible when it came to photography. HOWEVER, I cannot say how VERY LUCKY we were when I discovered Dom and his TRUELY AMAZING work!! I was looking through my Facebook one night late before bed (less than two weeks before our big day), and saw a highlight video post of a good friend from high school who had just got married. I nudged my fiancé to watch with me as I held my breath watching this splendidness…and I just KNEW that we’d made a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE (as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman) mistake by not hiring a videographer. I clicked on the link to the company that had produced this highlight film and it took me to Bay Area VDO Production. My fiancé and I watched video after video in awe, and then I quickly looked for the contact link to find out if by the slimmest chance they were available on our date and if not, if I could beg and plead to work some kind of deal out to secure them. So I shot an email off around midnight. When I woke up the next morning, I’d received a reply from Dom only a few hours after I’d sent my request…talk about a quick response! Next best to getting such a quick reply was the fact that Dom and his assistants were available on our date. I was in serious shock and so super excited I could hardly believe the stars were really aligning for this to happen in such a SHORT amount of time. I exchanged several emails with Dom and spoke to him a few times on the phone concerning the important details and logistics of how we would pull this off.Can I just say it was seamless. Dom and his assistants are true professionals. They showed up on time, didn’t interfere with our two photographers or their space, and captured EVERYTHING!! Not to mention being friendly and humorous. When I met Dom the other day to pick up our wedding video I watched our highlight film before paying the balance and picking up the rest of our goodies (he went ABOVE and BEYOND spoiling us–we are IMMENSELY grateful)!! I am SO, SO, SO, THANKFUL to have crossed paths with Dom and his amazingly artistic self!! After watching the full-length video of our wedding, we were both able to see parts of the wedding that we would have never been able to see otherwise. All the time and energy that went into planning in enjoyed by all the guests and the bride and groom really only get snippets here and there throughout the day. While we’re off taking sunset shots, our guest are mingling and enjoying appetizers and the harpist. I was able to relive our magical day and see how much all of our guests enjoyed themselves. I was also able to see my husband and his groomsmen getting ready and other precious, precious moments from our big day.As much as we tried to stop and pause throughout our big day to take everything in and really be present, what it felt like was a huge tornado that blew in and blew out too quickly. For all the planning that went into this day, it was over much too soon, but thanks to Dom we’ll have the memories forever to play back. Our photographs are great, but what they don’t do that our wedding video DOES, is bring me to tears. I really relive that magical day every time I watch our video…I watch as we recite our vows to each other and feel the energy and excitement that we had on that day all over again. I CANNOT THANK DOM AND HIS ASSISTANTS ENOUGH!! Hiring him was WORTH EVERY PENNY & THEN SOME!!! HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend to all brides to be!!!!! – Marla

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