Turning the page. ( TLC: FOUR WEDDINGS’ WINNER )

kris whitney

What is the biggest turning point in your life? For some, it’s their graduation day. For others, it’s the day they get their dream job. But for Whitney and Kris, it’s their wedding day.

It’s the day that marks their new journey together and their other accomplishments can’t compare to it. And for us, to be a part of their wedding day (which featured both them and us as the winner of the national, sensational TV show FOUR WEDDINGS on TLC) was an amazing experience and accomplishment. The TV show travels around the country and searches for the best weddings around.

So once you see the highlight film of Whitney and Kris, there will be no doubt as to why they became the winner. They had not only good taste and great ideas throughout their wedding but they also had great stories and vibe which set them apart. As the couple’s song says…. “Your love is my turning page” and it’s true for both the couple and us.

whitney small 4 wedding winner copy

( Testimonial from the groom) All I can say is I wish I could give 10 stars!!!! Dom and his crew are out of this world!!! The most precessional crew you could work with. My wife and I hired Dom for our wedding last September. Our wedding was featured on four weddings and let me just say Bay Area V D O did a better job than the tv show. I’m not saying the show did a bad job, they did a great job, Dom is just that good. More than we could wish for!! Our videos look like they should be on the big screen!! He captured everything. From the start he let us know exactly what to expect and what to do, just show up and he will take care of the rest, and that’s what he did. Have a great wedding and he will make the wedding look even better on your DVDs. We knew the videos would be great but when we watched the videos we couldn’t believe what we where watching. The most epic wedding video I’ve ever seen. Made both of us want to have another wedding ASAP!! Great price, great people, great footage, great editing!!!! -Thanks Dom – Kris.

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