YOU ARE LOVED (“I have been waiting for this moment entire life!”)

jenny chadNormally here (at this blog), I will tell you what is behind the love story of the couple but this time since the testimonial (below) is so long I will keep this part short.

There are many wonderful moments in Jenny & Chad’s wedding. One of them is to see how all of their friends expressed their heartfelt love to the couple and vice versa. And this is how I love my job. I get to see not only the love between the couple but also all the love from their loved ones. I also love the unique moment when Jenny walked down the aisle and couldn’t help but talk and said hi to everyone along the way ( it’s so true to her warm personality). And it was just right when she reached the end of the aisle, her father unveiled and handed her over to Chad and you could tell that he tried so hard NOT to lose it and cried. Lastly, I love one of the toasts from the bridesmaid who said “when it comes to love, when you know, you know”. And I could not agree more.

( Testimonial from the groom) When I was younger I had always dreamed of growing up and marrying the best girl in the whole wide world. And I had another dream that was related to that ideal and that was to find the best videographer to document my wedding to the best girl in the whole wide world whose expected high quality of work would make the correlating proportional value seem inconsequential so that we would be able to love and cherish this document of “The Best Day of Our Lives” for at least the very duration of this poorly constructed sentence to at most the lifespan of a typical red dwarf star of the Milky Way Galaxy. Ahh the dreams of a 5 year old… I never did grow up but somehow, despite my best efforts, I succeeded in finding that girl. Apparently my dowry was sufficient enough (much Colgate and canned sodium slathered processed meat products were involved) that I convinced her into wanting to marry me. Then through my (at the time) pre-wife we had heard from her friend about a certain little Bay Area video production company called Bay Area VDO Production. With a company name like that how could we not see that as a good sign? Could both my young dreams really be coming true? Could I have been that lucky to find the best girl in the whole wide world? Could we then really find the best videographer for our wedding? Could I keep writing sentences that were questions? One sunny but windy Sunday afternoon in San Francisco my (at the time) pre-wife and I met DOM after scheduling an appointment with him. Then stuff happened and then more stuff happened and so on. Then fast forward to a few weeks ago and we received the video (in shiny circular disc shaped form) from our wedding aka “The Best Day of Our Lives.” My ex-pre-wife (aka my wife) and I couldn’t be happier. I want to sound like a cliche by saying “I don’t want to sound like a cliche…” and also saying that Dom and the work of his Bay Area VDO Production crew really made it…(wait for it)…A DREAM COME TRUE! But seriously guys it’s pretty simple. If you want your special day captured in way that will forever be evocative of the emotion, passion, character, uniqueness of you and your significant other that is done in a way that is partly yet wholly cinematic, a documentary, fever dream but above all the truest and most faithful vision of this event then Bay Area VDO Production is the best. THE Best. THE BEST. That’s not a typo, I typed it like that for greater emphasis. A lot of others have commented below (I’m not sure because I’m illiterate) on how informative and gracious and helpful Dom was during the initial consultation and through emails leading up to their wedding. There are also a lot of mentions (as I’ve read below) about how professional and inconspicuous he and his crew were on the day of the wedding. And then with the arrival of the awesome video package (differing slightly depending on your price points) there are a lot of “shout outs” (as the kids like to say) about the quality and the bonuses and surprises (hehe). I can confirm this. And I would not lead you ashtray (typo!). Through it all Dom and Co. were very cooperative and collaborative and most definitely hardworking (duh!). You could say Dom has inherited the mantle of the hardest working man in show business from Zombie James Brown.
Through the cinematography, lighting, editing, setups, camera angles, framing, “performances,” production values, etc., etc., our wedding video is far beyond any I’ve seen from the rest of our family, friends, and associate employee contemporaries. I couldn’t help but project seeing some of my favorite filmmaker’s traits in Dom’s work. From Kubrick’s supreme craft and omnipresent eye, to the passion and warmth and the celebration of life and love like the works of Fellini, to the bravura cinematic flair and mastery of sound-image juxtaposition of Scorsese, yet all shone through the idiosyncratic prism and dynamic of the one and only Dom. Kubrick, Fellini, Scorsese, Dom… My personal Mount Rushmore of cinematic masters is now complete.
Ok, it’s a little hyperbole on my part but Dom is definitely a true artist and my wife (aka my ex-pre-wife) and I truly are thankful for all his hard and wonderful work. We can’t thank him enough for capturing the experience of “The Best Day of Our Lives” and for making the experience of capturing it and turning it into a work of art a great experience itself.

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