No more mistakes

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Calorina and Jose had planned their dream wedding for over a year. But just 3 months before the wedding, Mirna, Calorina’s sister, found out that the couple forgot one of the most important things in their wedding planning: They forgot to hire someone to film their wedding!
For Mirna, this had been a repeating mistake in her family that couldn’t happen again. She didn’t hire anyone to film her own wedding years ago and another sister hired a cheap one (they didn’t think it was important) and the outcome was so bad that they didn’t want to watch it again (they regretted their decision after they learned that they missed a lot of important parts in their wedding: the vows, the toasts, the first dance movement, etc and everything was gone forever). So when it came to Calorina’s wedding (she’s the last one in the family to get married), Mirna vowed that this mistake would not be repeated. She searched and searched and she found us and the rest is history.
Now that they all received their final film, we are happy to report that they are very thrilled and happy with the outcome (please read Mirna’s feedback below).
And for once, we didn’t spell out the details of how the couple met each other because we really think that their highlight film does a great job in telling their whole story. At the end, Mirna felt like she fulfilled her lifelong wish for her sister and family. It’s not only the keepsake for sister’s beautiful wedding but also a good piece of memory for her whole family and for her this is priceless. So this is a story of sister’s love as much as the love story of Calorina and Joe.

( Testimonial from the sister)Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness that Bay Area VDO Productions provides. Dom and his team of professionals are highly skilled videographers that go above and beyond their call of duty. I can’t say enough good things about Dom and his crew. I searched through tons of wedding video sites for my sister’s wedding and I knew that no one could compare to Dom styles and talent because his creativity and artistic abilities are something I haven’t seen in a long time. He is so exceptionally talented and worth every penny for my sister’s wedding. I got my sister highlight reel back a couple days ago and I’m still obsessed with watching it 10x/day, because it brings back so many great memories of my sister’s wedding!!! Dom and his staff showed up on time and ready to film; he captured all the special moments and with some additional memorable scenes that the vibe of the wedding including our personalities in it. You can tell in his work that he really
loves doing what he does and he actually cares about his clients necessities. I am truly recommended him highly to anyone. THANK YOU DOM AND TEAM!!!!

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