Through the Father’s Eyes

jessica pic
This highlight film is very much different from any other because the way we told the entire story through the father (of the bride) ‘s eyes: How he saw their love unfolded through the years. He had been looking forward the most for all his life for his own daughter’s wedding and how he pictured it would be. And the result is one of the most astonishing and sentimental highlight films yet.

P.s. Also another personal favorite moment for me is when the couple swaps the baseball jackets to each other on the dance floor, unplanned. So here we have our groom who comes from New York City wore The bride’s Giants jacket and our bride wore the groom’s Yankees jacket.

( Testimonial ) Dom is incredible!! I did a lot of research trying to find the right videographer, and feel so thankful to have found Dom! He is passionate & energetic about capturing the special moments of each wedding he films. When I first met with him, he walked me through all of the specifics of each package, and showed me samples of his portfolio. His energy & excitement for what he does was infectious, and I knew he was what I was looking for. He was very easy to work with throughout the process, and made sure to follow up on any information he needed from me. On my wedding day, we barely even noticed Dom & his crew; they really keep a low profile. However, after watching our highlight & music video, I was amazed to see all of the moments Dom had captured and edited together so perfectly! He truly is an artist and I will cherish the videos forever! If you are debating about hiring a videographer – do it! And definitely hire Dom/Bay Area VDO! – Jessica.

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