8 thousand Miles of Invisible red thread.

sopheap - chin pic2
I love how Sopheap & Chieh’s wedding officiant chose to open their ceremony with “The Invisible Red Thread” story. It surely suits the real love-life story of the couple who were born about 8 thousand miles apart and finally met just 10 years ago.

Once again, we let the couple’s music guide us in how to tell their wedding day story. For Sohpeap & Chieh, their wedding will always be about celebrating and partying. So here we are, at the biggest banquet that we’ve ever shot, with more than 600 guests, and with the “open bar” policy, which worked just as the couple wanted. So you probably can tell from this highlight film that everyone was having a good, good time.

At first, we weren’t sure if using a techno dance pop song would work but at the end we came to agree that the couple’s dance anthem (Heart Protector) worked and raised the spirit of the couple’s wedding celebration amazingly. And just for fun, we want to throw in this funny video (at the bottom of this page) that will make you laugh out loud.

( Testimonial ) Dom was outstanding. From start to finish, he was great. Very friendly, professional, and kind. When he tells you he stays invisable, he was not kidding. We picked up our finish product today, and was blown away with the quility of the work. I would highly recommend Dom to any body looking for a videographer. Thanks again Dom, you did AN AWESOME JOB! – Chieh

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