Love Comes Knocking

sasha andre5
How Andre’ and Sasha met is a miracle by itself, considering that they were born and raised on 2 different continents (as far apart as could be) and were from 2 very different cultures. But I do believe that “if we’re meant to be, we meant to be”.
Through the couple’s lives they moved from one place to another, and slowly but surely enough they moved closer and closer to each other. Then before they knew it, they both moved to San Francisco and love came knocking on their door. The rest is history.
Sometimes in the wedding, some couples got so emotional or nervous… but not Sasha and Andre! As you can see from this highlight film, the couple could not wait to get married (they were counting down the hours and minute to their wedding) and to their first kiss(es).

( Testimonial from the Bride ) I’d like to add my voice to the other rave reviews of Dom and his team. My husband and I decided to hire a videographer after several recently married friends and acquaintances told us just how happy they were that they chose to capture their special day on video. Looking through many local videographers’ websites, one thing struck me about Bay Area VDO’s site – their videos were not formulaic, each one having a different style that seemed to vary just as much as the couples in the videos do. A lot of other videographers you’ll come across will have a cookie cutter video format – start with the best man’s speech, cut to the ceremony set-up, cut to vows, etc etc. Not Dom! And as soon as we met him, we understood why. Dom takes the time to get to know you as a couple even before he ever shoots your wedding. And on the day of, he makes you feel so comfortable, so at ease, that the entire experience is just a pleasure. Throughout, he asks for feedback ​and adjusts to fit your vision. Moreover, Dom comes with a team of two other videographers (more for larger weddings), which ensures that no special moment is missed! After all was said and done, Dom gave us a lovely “trailer,” the perfect highlights video, and over three hours of edited, formatted video of our day. Everything he delivered was above and beyond our expectations. The so-called 2-minute trailer managed to capture 3 of the most special moments to us – and this is something Dom put together without our input, within 2 weeks of the wedding! The highlights video brought back not only the best parts of the wedding, but also the feeling and emotion we have about the day – not your typical tear-jerker romanticism, but the unique feeling of lighthearted joy that only someone who really took the time to get to know us could have captured. And the edited 3-hour video is of course incredible. As if that wasn’t enough, Dom even took cues from us to edit certain bits of sound and other nit-picky requests (my husband used to be a sound engineer, and Dom was more than willing to take special technical requests from him). Overall, I cannot recommend Dom enough. Now that it has been 7 months since our wedding, I go back to the videos his team created and feel like I’m right there in the midst of all the joy and celebration again. Being able to do that is truly priceless. Thank you, Dom and team! – Sasha

( Testimonial from Sasha and Andre’s Photographer) Dom, I was Sasha and Andre’s photographer and just watched their video. You guys are amazing! Not only are you super nice to work with but that was seriously the nicest wedding video I ever watched. I’ll certainly be recommending you to my brides and will link to you as a resource on my website. Great work! ) – Julie Michelle Sparenberg

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