Sleepless in San Francisco

theresa rose2 colored
They met for the first time 12 years ago at their high school as Sean had a big crush over Theresa. But all those years he was just too shy to say anything so his crush was just a crush. Then one evening, about 4 years ago, they bumped into each other again. A simple greeting turned into a long conversation and they ended up spending the whole evening together, just talking to each other. Deep down, both of them couldn’t deny that behind the long conversation there was something very special hidden underneath. But unfortunately both of them were in a stage of life when they could not enter into the relationship. So at the end of night, they just said good bye.

Yet long after that evening, they still kept thinking about each other. They couldn’t even sleep and wondered if they could have said or done something differently then and (if fate ever allowed them to meet again) the next time they might meet. That day came along about one year ago. They bumped into each other again and there was no holding back this time. Right away Sean asked Theresa to go out on a date with him and rest is here in this wedding highlights film.

I love the best man’s theory that “sometimes if you can’t fall sleep, maybe… just maybe, you might be falling in love.”

( Testimonial from the Bride ) Hiring a videographer for our wedding was not at the top of our list of things to have for our wedding. After receiving our videos and being so impressed with Dom’s work, we were so glad that we were able to make the investment. For any couple trying to decide on a videographer, choose Dom! The quality of his work, his vision, the payment plane, and professionalism make it an easy decision. Dom and his team were able to capture pretty much every moment of our wedding day. Because we were so busy during our big day with the ceremony, picture taking, greeting family and friends, and so many other events that day, we were happy with our decision to have the entire day captured on video. This gave us the opportunity to relive the moments that we missed. Dom and his team did an excellent job capturing the beautiful scenery and priceless moments of the day’s events. As far as the service, Dom was very accommodating and patient with us. He was able to incorporate all the songs we chose for particular sections of the wedding. He uses top of the line HD equipment, and we got all of our videos in Blu Ray, which not a lot of videographers are offering yet. Bottom line, you will not be disappointed if you go with VDO Productions. You’ll get a lot more for what others will charge you. Dom and his crew are great people who enjoy what they do and take what they do seriously….it shows in the quality of their work! You won’t be disappointed. Dom, thank you again for your stunning work, it brought tears to my eyes. We really enjoyed working with you all!


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