Finally Found …

Anthony & Carolyn2
What a love story ! And this time we have the privilege and the permission from the couple to share their love story along with their highlight film ( below ) with you ….so here goes….

( In bride’s own word, Carolyn ) for background, the third time is a “charm” for Anthony – this is his 3rd marriage and for me, I’ve never even had a boyfriend really much less been married….this is my first (and last) marriage.Anthony has a restaurant in Fort Bragg, it’s a 3rd generation Italian family restaurant. He was living in Monterey when his father called and asked for him to come home and help with the family business. He’s now been running the restaurant and the head chef for the past 35 years. He’s incredibly gifted in the kitchen, but that isn’t his biggest gift. Anthony has the most incredible heart of any person I’ve ever met. I’ll tell you more about that in a momemt.
While Anthony was busy taking care of business at the restaurant, I was going to college and working. I have 3 degrees, a Bachelors in English and Speech & Communication, a Juris Doctorate in law, and a Masters degree in Elementary Education. I literally spent my life in a library, office, or classroom before Anthony and I met. I have never been married, never even had a serious boyfriend. My friends would tell me that sometimes they’d worry that I dreamed of a man that simply did not exist….that all the romance novels and romantic movies had distorted my perception of reality and my expectations were unrealistic. I think they had reason to worry…after all, I was 43 and never dated anyone past 2-3 dates…they were just never “the one” and I was always more focused on school and career.In 1995 I was living in Sacramento and attending law school, when some friends suggested a quick weekend away up to the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area. I’ve been taking quick holidays up here ever since, sometimes multiple times a year. Since 1995, I’ve always included a meal at Carine’s Italian Seafood in every visit. Anthony’s family works with him at the restaurant. I knew his mother, his brother, his sister, his daughter…but I never met Anthony until June 22, 2011…exactly two years from the date we are getting married on. Two years ago I was on an annual Mendocino/Fort Bragg trip with some teacher friends…it was a trip we took every year to celebrate the end of another school year. Anthony came out of the kitchen that evening and my life has never been the same. For me, it was love at first sight. I would later characterize meeting and falling in love with Anthony like “Alice falling down the rabbit hole” – – the girl who always shied away from every man had found this man to be irresistible. I always believed God had a plan for me…and that one day I would meet a man who was not only my best friend, but gave me butterflies, someone I admired and respected…the love of my life. ( please see their highlight film + love story below ).

( Testimonial from the bride) There isn’t enough stars to capture the professionalism, humanity, graciousness, warmth, hard work, or incredibe artistry that is Dom and Bay Area VDO Production. I hearily concur with another reviewer…this was the best money we spent on our wedding! We just received our “sneak peek” trailer, and all I can say is thank you Dom…you and your team are fabulous, and my husband and I cannot thank you enough! You, and your team, are both consumate professionals and incredible human beings…thank you for the many kindnesses you showed both us and our guests on our wedding day. But that is not all…not by a long shot. Your dedication to capturing our wedding story was evidenced by your determination to capture every moment and then again by the masterpieces you produce in your editing room. What you have given us is priceless, and beyond measure…for now I can revisit, time and time again the most special and beloved day of my entire life…and experience all the happiness and emotion you captured so beautifully! In fact, as my husband watched this AGAIN this morning, he said to me, “I really didn’t catch your sister’s toast on our wedding day….so much was going on around us. Her words are beautiful…thank God for Dom and his team – I would have missed so much if not for his efforts.” So Dom, we will await your final product with breathless anticipation…knowing that you will make us look like moviestars and tell our special story with an artistry that is unparalleled…and please know how deeply and profoundly grateful we are for your talent and all your hard work. And, for anyone who is struggling with the decision to hire a videographer, look no further. You simply can do no better than Bay Area VDO Production…they are amazing!

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