A home of her own

Growing up without parents made Lynda promise herself that ” One day, If she had a chance to build a family of her own, it would need to be rock solid and last forever”. And after a decade, Lynda finally decided to walk down the aisle and build a home with Jerry. In this highlight film, you will see that the couple had a hard time getting their words out, they were really emotional. Considering everything that they have been through together, I am certain this home is built to last.

( Testimonial from the Bride )Dom was a pleasure to meet and work with. We were pretty much sold after meeting with him because we liked him and the type of video and 4 hour DVD that he offers. We appreciated the fact that he didn’t pressure us to sign up with him that day like another videographer we met with did. He is very easy to work with, professional, and best of all… he is completely invisible on the wedding day. When there is so much going on, we didn’t want vendors coming up to us with last minute questions. We really appreciated the fact that Dom and his team captured everything but in a very respectful, behind-the-scenes way. The 4 hour DVD is a perfect memento of the wedding and we absolutely love the short highlights video. I highly recommend Dom.

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