Every time we say goodbye.

jenny jamestext
How do people know that they really love one another? Sometimes it’s just by their first glance at each other, without saying a word, they know that they have found their love. Sometimes it takes years of friendships and hardships that they have to go through together to make them realize that their soulmate has been by their side all along. But for Jenny and James it took lots and lots of saying goodbye to each other.
Throughout Jenny and James’ relationship, due to James’ work, the couple spent a lot time being apart (they spent most of their time on long distant phone calls, e-mails, skype, etc., rather than really being together in person). Whenever they could find their time to be together it became their precious time but what made them realize that they were really in love with each other was when they had to say goodbye to each other. Just like Jenny’s comments in this highlight film. Every time they said goodbye, it just become harder and harder to let each other go. They realized how much they missed one another when they were apart, how much they needed one another to be in their lives. As James concludes in their vow ” … And when we are together, life is just better, life is just happier”.

( Testimonial) After all the guests have left, the rush of happiness comes back to a more normal constant buzz of happiness, the cake has been eaten, and the wedding gown put away, only the memories in your head are left. But if you hire Dom and have a wedding video, then it’s something you can go back to and watch during your anniversary, or any time you want to re-live the wedding! Trust us: We really weren’t sure if our budget could accommodate having a videographer, but now that we’ve done it and seen the quality of the video, we have no regrets. We got married in Santa Cruz but now live overseas, and just watching this makes us realize how much we miss California.
There are many videographers on the market, but we chose Dom because he was responsive and professional. Equally importantly, we got along, even when it was just talking on the phone. I could trust him by the warmth of his voice and his commitment to serving customers that he wasn’t trying to sell me something he couldn’t deliver, he believed in the quality of his product, and he really likes what he does. View the websites, watch the videos, and then go meet Dom and see if he can help you create a permanent keepsake that your family and friends will really cherish. 5 stars to Bay Area VDO for the quality of the video, the ease of working with the team, and their commitment to delivering a great experience to his customers! – Jenny

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