I feel Love


It’s such a shame that it took us 4 years till we had
the chance of telling a story of another gay couple but here
we are.
It started out a bit scandal of how the couple met but soon
enough they realized that this was NOT ” a one
night stand” but instead …”once in a life
This highlight film, which is filled with great
speeches and stories, might feel unfamiliar to
some but to many who know or have gay friends, this is
nothing but a very natural and heartwarming story. Cheers to
Bert and Ernie, Cheers to Max and Charlie. – Love – Dom

( Testimonial from the Groom )Wow. These guys are phenomenal, for the following reasons:

1. They are not only professional, but personable. Dom and his crew were easy to talk to and understanding that we needed to balance a million things on our wedding day. They were not intrusive but still were able yo work hard to get the results we wanted. Dom worked with us prior to the wedding to make sure we would get the movie we wanted.

2. They are timely and follow through on expectations. They worked with us to create a package that met our personal needs and were flexible with us when we needed them to be.

3. THE RESULTS! Our movie was an absolute work of art. It captured the day perfectly, and there were shots in the movie I did not remember anyone taking, but were very important to us. The edited movie looked like it was straight out of hollywood. Almost every person at our wedding was represented, and it screamed us.

We would recommend Dom and his team to anyone in the Bay Area. We had our wedding in Sebastapol and they were willing to travel and did not upcharge us unfairly because of it. These guys rock!!!!

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