The way she moves.

jennajeff 8

In our 12 year career, if we could give one award for the most poised bride, it would go to Jenna. Every move she made, standing, walking, dancing, even crying, is so poised and beautiful. If you told me that she was a miss U.S.A., I would believe you. For that reason, you can expect a stunning “walking down the aisle” from this one. When Jeanna entered the church and walked down the aisle, she took eveyone’s breath away. But my personal favorite moment, is when she came out of the church and got into the Rolls-Royce. Then she looked out of the window. That’s an elegant true timeless beauty that only we can deliver.

( Testimonial from the bride) Dom, We watched the videos with our families yesterday, and they couldn’t stop raving about you. My dad went home and watched them again from the very beginning with my mom (since she was sick and couldn’t make it to our place.) They watched the entire thing including ceremony! My husband’s parents actually left for the country today and were so happy they could take their set of dvds to share with family who couldn’t make it to the wedding. To all the brides to be….DOM and his team did an AMAZING job on our wedding video. It surpassed all of our expectations and more. We knew that we had made the right decision the first time we talked to DOM. The final product was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and beautifully done. we couldn’t have asked for a better videographer or for a better way to capture the memories from that day. DOM – thank you for all your hard work, attention to detail, beautiful shots and arrangement of the scenes. You captured that day perfectly and we really felt like we relived the events and emotions of the day by watching your video. If you are looking for a videographer and DOM has your day available, you can now stop looking and consider yourself lucky. This will be the best decision you will make for your wedding – it was definitely the case for us.



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