True believer

christine - jeff psshop

I believe that every couple is unique and special but once in a while, a love story comes along to take you on a true journey. It swoops you off your feet and makes you believe in love again. This story is one of them.

Christine and Jeff were born and raised half the world apart yet when they were young they visited a beautiful city by the bay and missed each other but as a saying goes “if you are meant to be, you are meant to be”.

As you are about to see in this film, Christine is a true believer. Since she was a little girl, she found one key and she really believed that this key would unlock and open a door that would lead to something special one day.
So as you might guess, she tried this key with every door that she came across even though she never found the door to fit that key but that never stopped her in believing in “something great is out there and I will find it someday” and she is right!


Even though the film starts slow, it builds up with characters and story but explodes with dazzling climax with sparks and love everywhere. So by the end of this film, you will fall in love with the couple and believe in true love all over again.

The couple has just been featured in a new wedding published on Borrowed & Blue! link =–3


( Testimonial from the bride ) Dom and his crew did an absolutely incredible job of capturing every moment of our special wedding day! From the highlight video to the the special tribute to my father, Bay Area VDO Production went way above and beyond our expectations! You must hire them to film your wedding, and I promise you will not be disappointed! Many of my friends plan to use them after seeing how incredible my wedding videos turned out. – Christine

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