Bay Area Wedding Videographer Bay Area ViDeO* Production, a Bay Area wedding video production, Exclusive & exquisite wedding film.
We serve San Francisco, Napa, Fremont, San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

eddy julia

In my 15-year career as a wedding filmmaker, the wedding vows of Julia and Eddy, are some of the most emotional and heartfelt that I’ve ever seen. Everyone in this wedding ceremony was crying and for good reason. The way that she looked at him while pouring out her love and baring her soul for him and everyone to see, sent a big wave of feelings through everyone. Then Eddy started to tell their love story with a calm manner​ but a strong conviction. And the way that they looked at each other right when they were announced as a married couple and about to kiss, that’s priceless! “I was happy that our wedding was featured in The Knot magazine but nothing can compare with watching our wedding film and reliving all the joy and emotions right now” Julia confessed to me right when we showed her this wedding film (that you are about to see).

( Testimonial from the bride )DOM is great at what he does! He did our wedding (we got the gold package), and were so pleased that we went with him for the job. He and his team captured every moment but did not seem too intrusive, which I was worried about since there were three of them! Punctual and professional. Most importantly, he is creatively very talented and came up with beautiful wedding videos that we couldn’t be more happy with. We were even late on getting him songs and other instructions on our end, and he rolled with it. Thanks so much Dom for doing such a great job! If you’re debating whether to go with Dom or someone else, do yourself a favor and pick Dom!- Julia

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San Francisco Wedding Videographer, Bay Area V D O Production, offers stunning cinematic wedding videography services to couples in San Francisco, Napa, East Bay and everywhere else in between. We are an Exclusive & exquisite wedding film company. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

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