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We serve San Francisco, Napa, Fremont, San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

alex- jackie

Here we are, on to the biggest wedding of the year. The wedding was even featured on TV. But it hasn’t always been easy.
As you might have already known, relationships are not always easy. To say that it’s constantly a work in progress is an understatement. Even if your lover comes from the same culture or background, it’s a work in progress. If you were born and raised in totally different cultures and backgrounds, it’s even more so. But that’s exactly what happened with Alex and Jackie. Alex comes from the Greek upbringing and Jackie was raised in Egyptian cultural. As Alex’s father said on this highlight film, “Greek and Egyptian, the two of the oldest Civilization of the world, similar but very different”. So when the couple met and fell in love, the questions of how they could overcome these differences were in the back of their minds. But as it is written,​​​ “There is no fear in love”.

( Testimonial from the bride )Dom and his team are outstanding videographers.
We met Dom after a good friend recommended him to film our wedding. My husband and I were instantly impressed after our first meeting. Dom’s professionalism, enthusiasm, positive energy, sense of humor, and thoughtfulness were a breath of fresh air amidst the stressful wedding planning period. It was clear he had an excellent vision and was very talented. What was more impressive was his ability to tailor his services based on the personality of the couple! We knew he would do a fantastic job. On our actual wedding day, Dom and his team do a really good job blending in to the background, which is important for so many reasons. You don’t want the videographer obstructing the view of the guests or interfering in your big moments, and their lack of visibility leads to a stronger quality of work with very candid and natural scenes.
The finished product truly exceeded our already high expectations. Dom creates a series of short videos that highlight all the big moments of your day in such a tasteful and creative way. A true masterpiece that the whole family will always treasure. Traditionally a lot of couples place emphasis on choosing the wedding photographer- but trust me, Dom’s video is worth a thousand pictures. He was definitely our favorite vendor and a must have to capture your wedding memories and make them last a lifetime. – Jackie

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