Love gets in the way.

Bay Area Wedding Videographer Bay Area ViDeO* Production, a Bay Area wedding video production, Exclusive & exquisite wedding film.
We serve San Francisco, Napa, Fremont, San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

tony maram4new

Love brought Tony and Maram to this wedding day, the milestone event of their lives. However, when the couple exchanged their wedding vows, love got in the way and Tony had a really hard time letting the words out as the tears just kept coming down. So by the time that Tony finished his vows, the whole church was cheering and clapping. Besides that very special moment, Tony and Maram’s wedding is simply beautiful. The couple stays true to their heritage and that makes it a night to remember.

( Testimonial) I need everyone to know why Dom is the best and only wedding videographer everyone should get!! Bay Area Vdo production did our wedding video. The day my fiancé (now wife) and I met Dom, he made us feel at home and by the end of the meeting, we knew 100% that Dom was the first person and the last person we met to video the most important day of my life. Dom and his crew were amazing!!! They were at the wedding and it was as if they were family there enjoying with us. By the end of the day, they WERE family, our wedding would not have been the same without them there. The day we went to see the final video, my wife and I cried!! (this is the real deal because I do not cry). The videos were amazing!! We relive our wedding every single time we watch it!!! And tears always come to our mind, If you want a videographer, VDO is the one you NEED, never once did we feel like customers, they didn’t rush us for the money or show they didn’t care. They are the best. They are great with updates and very good at sending little clips to get us excited for the day we would get our video! Anyone that watches the clips with us, they always say they regret they didn’t get Dom for their wedding, if you want to relive one of he most important days of your life and never miss a thing, make sure u make an appointment with Dom and you will see why anyone that meets him, falls in love with him and will not walk out without booking him for their wedding and being apart of his family. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without him. Thanks again Dom!!

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San Francisco Wedding Videographer, Bay area​ V D O Production, offers stunning cinematic wedding videography services to couples in San Francisco, Napa, East Bay and everywhere else in between. We are an Exclusive & exquisite wedding film company. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

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