Two thousand – three hundred and eighty seven miles to find you.

When I think about my favorite intimate wedding, I would think about this one. What a love story that we have here! We knew while we were capturing this wedding that we had something very special. So we take our time to tell their love story but by the end of this wedding film, we know you will be crying and smiling with the couple. In our 15 years of experience, this wedding of Maranda and Andrew is NOT “the biggest” in terms of production or church size or the reception but when it comes to their love story, they are second to NONE. Because by the time that you watch this movie and reach the point when Maranda says ” Two thousand – three hundred and eighty seven miles that how far I traveled to find my true love”, we hope your tears could ebb a bit and your heart might clinch just a little and your soul may fill with hope in love. Because this is the reason that drives us to perfection in crafting your love stories for 15 years.

( Testimonial from the bride )Dom is passionate, professional, and a perfectionist. We consider a wedding videographer as one of the crucial vendors for our wedding. Wedding pictures lets you remember the memories but wedding videos lets you relive the special moment. We searched high and low for a professional and great wedding videographer and we are beyond glad that we got Dom. He proved to us that we made the right decision in picking him. Here are the reasons why:1. Dom will do anything to fulfill the couple’s requests. We had a long request list. It ranged from including different shots to requesting the wind not being included when we say our vows–on a cliff, beside the ocean. Some were difficult requests but Dom pulled it off–EVERY.single. one.of.them.
2. Dom pays attention to details and is a perfectionist. Not only does he remember to take all our requests into consideration, but also the video must pass his artistic and creative judgment. He will make sure that everything will work out beautifully.
3. Dom provides his wonderful services at a reasonable price. We received wedding highlights, wedding videos with wonderful menus and all the of raw footages. We got great value for what we paid for.
4. Dom is not afraid to work hard to make his clients happy. He is patient. He worked so hard on our wedding videos because we had so many requests. He didn’t nitpick with us on the additional work that he had to do for us.
5. Dom is creative and works outside of the box. We requested that he combine three songs for us in our video and he did it flawlessly even though this is not his normal work. Our friends couldn’t even distinguish the songs because it was so smoothly incorporated.
6. Our family and friends cried and laughed while watching the wedding video he did for us. I think this is a true testament of Dom’s work. He was able to capture the true essence of our wedding and at the same time, brought back so much emotion that was felt during that day. I think that is the best gauge of a true professional and great wedding videographer.
Dom- Thank you. Thank you for all the hard work, patience and love you have showed us by providing us the best wedding video that you could give us. I hope you know that we truly appreciate you and your team. All the best to you!! You are such a blessing to work with.

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