There’s no rule.

Bay Area Wedding Videographer Bay Area ViDeO* Production, a Bay Area wedding video production, Exclusive & exquisite wedding film.
We serve San Francisco, Napa, Fremont, San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

cinnaFrom time to time, my clients ask me, “Can we do that at our wedding?” Well, here’s a story for you.
Before his wedding, Roshan knew that he wanted to wear his traditional Indian groom outfit to represent his heritage. But Cinna also wanted to wear her Chinese wedding dress to honor their parents and her culture. And then there’s idea that both of them should wear the traditional white dress for the bride and traditional suite for the groom.
In the end, they chose to be themselves and wore what they wanted and ignored any wedding rules. It turned out, they created their own rule in their own wedding. The result is quite unique, yet meaningful, since their wedding attire truly represents who they are, where they’re coming from, and who they want to be as a couple.
So when people ask me what should they do (or shouldn’t do) in their wedding, I’d say, there’s no rule. It’s your wedding, your once in a lifetime event. Do what you want to do; do whatever will represent your love. And that’s what Cinna and Roshan chose to do in their wedding.

( Testimonial) Hire Dom and his team for your wedding! NOW! This was one of the best decisions we made during wedding planning. After seeing the final product, I am now even more convinced.
– In order to make sure they could catch all the memorable moments, there were six or so cameras on us to get the tons of footage that would be edited into the final product. This might sound intimidating, but team was so respectful and careful to stay out of the way that I forgot they were even there.
– All of the footage in our video was candid. There was no staging for any of the shots (leaving us more time to enjoy our wedding). The end result is timeless videography with a very natural feel with priceless candid shots of my family and friends.
– The service and communication were great. Very simple process with very little work to do on our end.
– The end product is exactly what I hoped for. No cheesy staged shots. Lots of angles and lots of guests captured on film that we didn’t get photographs of. Beautiful editing, beautiful shots.
Thanks Dom for your wonderful work! – Cinna

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San Francisco Wedding Videographer, Bay Area V D O Production, offers stunning cinematic wedding videography services to couples in San Francisco, Napa, East Bay and everywhere else in between. We are an Exclusive & exquisite wedding film company. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

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