We Are Destined to Be Together

david yvette @The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay

Yvette’s life has never been easy. But she’s the kind of girl that never complains and muddles through all the obstacles to the top of the hill. Yet there’s one thing that she couldn’t get: finding the love of her life. Then one of her friends who knew her well knew that she should meet his friend David. He tried to introduce him to her but somehow they missed the chance and didn’t meet. Then, years later, by herself one day, they met each other online. They finally met one Halloween night and the rest is his- and her-story.

( Testimonial) Dom and his team did a fantastic job at our wedding at the Ritz. His team was professional and timely, going above and beyond to keep all the small details in mind while also maintaining a cool and collected bridal party. This is never a small feat on someone’s big day and I highly recommend Dom and his team. Lots of logistics were taken care of and we never had to worry about a thing knowing that they had everything under control and they worked seamlessly with our team of photographers.
Thank you again for the footage from multiple angles complemented by careful editing and musical scoring.
I would recommend any couple looking for high-quality work to evaluate and use Bay Area VDO. We appreciate you memorializing our big day! – David.

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