Drunk, Driver and Lovers.


There’s no need to explain the title here because if you watch Yun and Hua’s highlight film (below), you will understand everything, including the meaning of this title.

But what I would like to ask you to keep your eyes on, when you watch their highlight film, is the couple’s scene in the winery. Because in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful winery scenes that you ever saw.

I also have to thank the couple who helped us get this translation since it will be nice to share their whole love story with our audience.

And yes, the next time that you go to a wedding, please do not drive when you are drunk. Just try to find a designated driver and, who knows… you might end up finding your true love.


( Testimonial) We went with Dom and his team at Bay Area VDO for our wedding in Wine Country and we could not be happier! Finding a videographer was something I definitely wanted for our wedding but my husband was very hesitant. I tried convincing him that it was worth it but he still wasn’t taking… until we met Dom. I asked that he come with me to our consultation appointment with Dom and after we left, he was convinced. It wasn’t the price tag, the package offer, or even that he wanted to relive our wedding day anytime he wanted after it was over. It was Dom’s passion and love for what he does that got him.Dom takes pride in catching all the details on your wedding day and making sure they are shown at their full potential before sending you home with your DVD. He tells a story and puts forth all of the emotion and love that comes with the wedding we planned for almost a year. All the moments you remember as the bride and groom get relieved along with everything you don’t get to see since you are busy getting married.
We would highly recommend Dom and his team at Bay Area VDO for not only the professionalism they show on your big day but for the passion, ​Dom has for what he does for a living. He’s a perfectionist and absolutely loves what he does and it shows in the final product.


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