The brother’s confession

gloria frank big


For me, one of my favorite things to see (and hear) in the wedding is the toast. Sometimes we get to hear a great love and life lesson. Sometimes we get to learn how the couple met and became better people when they found each other, and sometimes it just gets real emotional about how much their love means to them. Well ladies and gentlemen, this toast from Gloria’s brother has everything that I just mentioned and more….
So please be prepared to get “sentimental” and “in awe” in the marvelous, wondrous and elegant wedding of Gloria and Frank’s at The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.


( Testimonial from the bride) Choosing Bay Area VDO Production was one of the best decisions we made while planning our special day. Our wedding video is absolutely incredible. It was beyond what we had expected. My husband and I were completely moved with what Dom was able to create from the moments of our day. It was absolutely perfect. We really liked the transition pieces & video effects and how portions of the day were captured in that format rather than just straight video taping. The quality of the Bay Area VDO production is of a high caliber. We shared our teaser & highlight videos with family & friends who claimed he did such a great job that watching the short videos that it brought tears to their eyes and brought the emotions that filled that day back to them. We were even pleasantly surprised to find out, once we got our final copy, that Dom & his team were able to sneak out our entourage and family members during our reception to film a ‘best wishes’ portion from each special person. It made the video even more special to us. Dom was very personable & easy to work with. A true expert. Having Dom and his team for your video needs will guarantee great results. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Dom & team, for our FABULOUS wedding video.


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