With every fiber of my being.


Normally, I don’t urge my readers to read the couple’s story before watching their highlight film ( I believe each wedding film should be able to stand on its own). But this time I do. Because we built this wedding film around the couple’s wedding vows and I believe that once you know the background of their story, why they wrote this vow, and what it means when she said “Wherever your heart is I call home”, it will give you a much deeper understanding and appreciation and even give you another whole meaning of “true love”.

Kristy knew Blayne’s mom before she knew Blayne. Actually it’s Blayne’s mom who introduced Kristy to her son when he came to visit her. And once the two of them met each other, it was clear that love had swept them off of their feet and their lives would never be the same. However, just like Kristy said in her vows, their love lives had been a roller coster. Since Blayne was actually serving overseas so soon after their met, he had to go back to his base overseas.

But being thousands of miles away from each other just brought the couple even closer because it made them realize how much they missed each other. Shortly after their first meeting, Kristy decided that she would fly over to visit Blayne. And sure enough ( just like Kristy said in her vow) when the couple said goodbye at Narita airport, Kristy and Blayne knew that this love was real and there’s no other way than trying to find the way to be together.

Kristy, who had just purchased a home of her own, decided to quite her job and sell her home in the Bay Area and she decided to get married. However, to continue the theme of “fighting for your love”, soon the couple learned that Blayne would have to be deployed for a while.

So now when you watch the couple say their vows on this wedding film, I believe that you will come to understand and appreciate what they have been through. They believe their love is so true, that giving up is not even their choice so they continue to flight for their love and our beloved country. May God protect Blayne and our troops. Until then the couple will have this wedding film to hold on to and to remind them of when this all began.


( Testimonial from the bride) Dom was fantastic from beginning to end! I saw his great reviews and contacted him for a quote. I met him in his studio shortly there after where he told me about himself and his company and also asked questions about my husband and I (how we met, where we met, etc). He also showed me some of his work and I knew immediately this was who I wanted for our wedding!
Dom and his team were so professional and kind. He told us to go about our day and to pretend they weren’t there and I hardly noticed them throughout the day!
We just received our highlight video and could not be more thrilled. Thank you Dom and team for making our memorable day even more special, now we can relive the day over and over again! – Kristy



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