Matchmaker & Secret Date


In the new world of fast-paced dating, Laura and Izac’s love story takes us back to an old fashioned way of matchmaking. When Izac’s brother and his sister in-laws met Laura, they knew that they had to play the roll of matchmaker.
So they invited Laura and Izac to their informal gathering and hoped that the two of them would be drawn to each other but as Izac’s brother confessed in this highlight film ( below ) they were surprised that both Laura and Izac barley spoke to each other that night so they assumed that their attempt was a failure.
Yet very soon they discovered that since Laura and Izac’s first encounter, they actually arranged a secret second date on their own.
After that the couple was on their way to the alter.
Once again, we could go on about how beautiful, emotional, heartfelt, and elegant this wedding was but we would like to invite you to experience it in person in this highlight film.


( Testimonial from the bride ) Dom and the team at Bay Area VDO Production are truly amazing. We hired Dom as our videographer for our wedding in San Francisco and we couldn’t be happier with his work. We looked at several videographers in the wedding planning process and Dom was by far the best. From the time of our first conversation, to coordinating with our other vendors, to putting together the final product, Dom and his team were professional, enthusiastic, passionate, and extremely talented at what they do. They were also reasonably priced and worth every penny! The week before our wedding my husband and I met with Dom at his studio to review final details and he ended up doing an on-the-spot interview about how we met and our proposal story. He was so excited about getting to know us and capturing who we are in his work. Not only did this extra time and attention allow Dom get to know my husband and I more personally, but it made an awesome “extra” clip on one of our DVD’s and something we can look back on in the future. We have only had our DVDs for a few days, but everyone who has seen them has been blown away by the quality and skill of the work. Dom and his team truly captured the joy and beauty of our special day and we are 100% thrilled and satisfied with our choice to work with them for our wedding. Thank you Dom and team!!!!! – Laura

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