Tears on top (of a wedding cake)

marcy- photo shop- cracking

Tears (of joy) in a wedding are not a stranger to me. I saw a couple cry while they exchanged their wedding vows. I saw a couple cry on their first dance and in their father daughter/ mother son dances. I even saw the maid of honor cry while giving toast to the couple. They still always touch me yet hardly surprise me.
However in this wedding of Marcy and Vance, I found theirs tears in an unexpected place – while their were cutting their wedding cake!
As you will see in this highlight film, there were so many laughs in this wedding. But at the end of the night-right after when the couple cut their cake, they looked at each other and just like that, tears started coming down from Marcy’s eyes (unstoppable). And I surely can feel their unspoken love. This is what I call an unexpected, precious moment. It touches me so much that I put this right at the beginning of this highlight film.
Marcy and Vance picked this song “Built to last” which has this lyric: “Cause this is real, and this is good. It warms the inside just like it should …”.
And that’s exactly how I felt and created this highlight film for Marcy and Vance with the feeling of a summer breeze, refreshing and heartwarming …

( Testimonial ) My biggest advice to brides and grooms besides hiring a DOC is to hire a videographer. At the end of the day, all you’ll have left are pictures and videos. As a former bride, I must emphasize that the day will go by so terribly fast that you’ll want to relive the moments and to catch those that you missed.
Hiring Dom and his team was one of the easiest decisions that I made during my entire wedding planning. Dom responses to emails super fast and is a steal for his quality of work. He is super easy to work with and on the day of the wedding, you know you’ll be in good hands.
On the day of my wedding, Dom arrived before I did. He greeted me and for the rest of the day, I forgot he was even there! He was super professional and worked very well with my photographer.
I couldn’t be happier with the final product. One of the things that I liked most was the highlight/music video. It’s nice to relive the day in 4 minutes versus watching the entire video. Not going to lie…I totally cried when I watched the video! Dom captured all the important moments and even the moments that I didn’t know existed.
Dom is really in tune with what a bride/ grooms wants and feels. I highly recommend Dom and his team. – MARCY

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