A thousand men

gessica big

How can a wedding undo a big disappointment from 25 years ago? This is something that we would like you to find out from this highlight film below.

( Testimonial ) It’s hard to put in words how beautiful our wedding video came out because no words can do it justice! Dom is an artistic genius and his passion for shooting weddings is amazing to see. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a video of our big day, but I wanted to make sure I was going to have someone who knew what he was doing. When Dom showed my husband and I scenes from weddings he’s done before, I was sold. I loved how Dom and his team paid close attention to detail and captured every important moment of the day. That’s what we wanted, and Dom delivered! From the moment he arrived to my house to shoot the “bride getting ready” to the end of the night when we had our last dance and said goodbye to our wedding guests, Dom and his team were right there making sure to capture it all. Our wedding had 200 guests and there was a lot going on, but Dom made sure that his eyes we on us the whole time, and yet was still able to get footage of everyone else around us at the party! For example, my Grandmother randomly called me over to her table and I thought she wanted to give me a hug and a kiss, no big deal. I was wrong. She wanted to give me a special gift right there at the table…a gold bracelet heirloom that meant a lot to her. When I turned around Dom was right there shinning the spotlight on us to make sure he had it on video. We were at a bad angle, and he had us turn to face the camera so he could get the footage of my grandma putting the bracelet on me. Wow, Dom you are so awesome!!! I didn’t even know you were there! Also I really appreciated when Dom asked my husband and I towards the end of the night if he can tape us in some scenes in the lobby area of our hotel so he can get some beautiful footage of us in the nice scenic background of our wedding venue. He did some research and located the best spots of our venue to do a photo shoot of my husband and I. That footage is breath taking!!!! Our own photographer that I hired didn’t even do that, but Dom did!! That’s the difference between just getting your job done and going above and beyond to have the perfect video. We truly do have the perfect video. We love it!
The music video that shows the highlight of our wedding night is priceless. I can’t stop watching it because it shows all the main parts of the wedding that are the most memorable in a 4-5 minute music video. It’s great when I don’t feel like watching, or have the time to watch the full 4 hour video! It’s a great summary of our night put to the song of your choice! When I gave Dom the approval for posting it on his website, I quickly shared the link on facebook so my friends and family could watch it. THEY LOVED IT! We couldn’t have chosen a better videographer to shoot the most important day of our lives, our wedding! A thousand thank you’s to Dom and his team for there hard work, vision, time, dedication, and true passion for what they do. Sincerely. – Gessica & Gabriel

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