I see that Divine Sparkle in you.


What does it mean when one says ” Aloha” to the other? Please find out in this highlight film below, which is packed with laughter and tears, love and joy.

( Testimonial ) This review is a long time coming. My wedding was on June 11, 2011. We had a lovely wedding of about 200 that went by too quick for me to even really register it all. Luckily, we had an awesome videographer that captured the whole day and captured it all so beautifully and accurately that I was able to view and experience that special day differently than through the eyes of a ball of nerves and stress as I was on that fateful day (yes, I planned it all by myself.)
Dom, is very sweet and considerate and based on later comments by guests (after watching the video), they didn’t even realize there were (3) video cameras (and cameramen) that whole evening! That says a lot about the way Dom and his crew was able to capture without being in your face and intruding on the whole event.
Their fee is reasonable compared to other videographers out there — and believe me, I researched and searched high and low for the perfect fee without compromising the product I wanted. (I’m a filmmaker myself and short of producing the whole thing myself, I wanted a good video without having to pay an arm, a leg and my first born.). Dom was THE find and I was lucky they were available on my wedding day.
Needless to say, I was and am very happy with their service before, during, and after.
A few notes in case the above review does not convince you to hire Dom and his crew:
1) You pay half the fee of the package you choose when you hire them and you pay the rest three months later after they finish editing your video. This is helpful when you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the amounting cost of a wedding.
2) They cover 10 hours (I believe) so plenty of time to capture everything.
3) You get three sets of DVDs (one for you, and two for each of the sets of parents) — you definitely get a lot for what you pay for as opposed to others out there who won’t even edit. (And editing is the real work here BELIEVE me). The DVDs have professional menus and include a short music video of the wedding, the wedding in its entirety and all of the unedited footage to do as you want with. – Raelaine

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