Coming from the Soul

cynthai newmoutnain air


Fernando met Cynthia in an early year of their medical school. However, this isn’t a typical love-at-first-sight story. In fact, It took years before they even started dating. In that time, they were able to develop a strong friendship and before they knew it they had transformed their relationship from best friends to sweethearts.

The couple picked a Spanish song that reflects their personal love story. As a part of this song keeps singing….
” Blessed God for meeting us on the road,
And for taking away this solitude from my destiny.
Blessed be the light, blessed be the light of your gaze
Coming from the soul.”
For me, True love could take a long time to transform. Yet when It happens, It will touch your soul and breathe a new meaning into your life.


(Testimonial) Dom and his crew are AMAZING!!! My husband and I could not be happier with our wedding video. During the wedding planning, we knew that photography and videography were very important to us. We looked around at several videographers’ work in the area. Bay Area VDO was our number one choice–the music videos on the web were very touching and seemed to really capture the full wedding day. I am not a crier, but I found myself getting teary eyed at many of these clips—without even knowing these people! Dom and his crew were so nice. Upon our first meeting, I knew he’d be great to work with. The crew is very professional, and they really do seem to capture all those special moments w/o even realizing they are there. They were an amazing addition to our special day. Really going the extra mile for the sake of having great video footage—our church was very strict about where videographers could shoot from, and Dom took it upon himself to add an extra videographer last minute because he knew it would be a challenge to get great angles with these restrictions. He even let me borrow his umbrella as a prop for pictures–beautiful white lace. – Cynthia

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