This walk for my dad.

natalie jon2

Why do you want to have a wedding? Some may say because they want to announce their love to the world. Some may say they want a big celebration with their loved ones. Or some may say “I really want to walk down the aisle with my father who means the world to me”. And that is what Natalie said to all her guests at her wedding (please see her speech in this highlight film).

Whatever reasons that inspire you to have the wedding, we hope that you will have someone that you can trust to capture his very special moment of your lives. Because there are only a few occasions in your life that all your loved ones will come together under the same roof to express their love to you and celebrate your love.

Many years from now, when you look back, you will thank yourself for having this once in a lifetime moment captured so you can always be able to look back and remember how much you are loved”.

( Testimonial from the bride) I don’t think there is enough space to write how much of an awesome experience it has been to work with Dom. One of our first priorities was to find a videographer, after finding Dom I can tell you 100% hands down that he WILL BE THE BEST decision you can make for your big day. LOOK NO FURTHER AND HIRE HIM NOW.
Dom creates a masterpiece, his work is shown in every video he makes. Its definite art and he edits it beautifully. He has your best interest at heart and he follows through 100%. His communication skills go above and beyond, I never had to wait more than an hour to hear back from him through email or more than 10 min through text! He answers your questions very thoroughly. He is very affordable and worth EVERY penny. I have had two people tell me they would renew their vows JUST to have Dom film their wedding, everyone that watches our video loves it.
Before the wedding:
I had researched many videographers and had met with some but I was still not convinced. Either due to the ridiculous price that some were trying to get me to pay or there simply was no “connection” in person, and if you are a bride you know what I am talking about. You want someone that will give you that feeling of confidence and reassurance that they will do a perfect job. I got on yelp and Dom was the second one to pop up. I read most of his reviews and they all comment on how personal and professional he is. I also went ahead and youtubed his work and was amazed at how beautiful and unique every video was. I WANTED THAT, EXACTLY THAT AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I GOT!! So I emailed him and made an appointment to meet with him in person. Let me tell you that once you see his work you are sold. I definitely got that moment that I​ was looking for 2 min into meeting him and I knew I wanted him for our wedding as soon as he showed us his work. He is so approachable, nice and gives you that comfortable feeling that you can ask him anything. We left that afternoon KNOWING that we had made the right decision hiring him.
During the big day:
Your wedding day flies by and there is not enough time to do everything let alone have the time to deal with vendors. You just hope that they know what they are doing and do it right. The day of, Dom and his crew showed up to the hotel and started setting up right away. I did not have to worry about him or his crew as they moved around us so smoothly you could hardly tell they were there ( and there were about 5 of them!) You could tell they knew exactly what to do and how to do it and not ONCE did he or his crew bother us for anything. Also, and this is very important, they worked great with our photographer and did not get in the way at all while he was taking pictures. To be honest, my favorite part was the fact that I did not even see or feel Dom or his crew throughout the ceremony and reception, it’s like they were​​ invisible but after seeing our final video, they got EVERYTHING documented. I mean at the end of the day that is what you want! You want them to document everything but not feel like they are in your faces and making you aware that they are filming you. He was able to catch us all “naturally” and it was perfect. After seeing all the pictures from my wedding I could see that Dom and his crew went above and beyond to get perfect angles of our first dance, speeches, ceremony, etc.

Finally, the day came when we went to his studio to see our final video. He went through everything in detail and showed us every single part of the DVD set that you get. We saw our highlight video and I am not lying or exaggerating when I say this, I cried at how beautiful and perfect it was. It took me back to that day as if it was yesterday and for a video to do that? It has to be done by an expert. We left beyond satisfied and reassured once again that we had made the right choice. THANK YOU,​ DOM!!! From the bottom of our hearts, you are truly talented and gave us the best present ever that will last forever.

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