Good Love, Good Life.

stephanie - carlosnew


As the other night was Halloween, it reminds me of how Stephanie and Carlos met and their love story (The couple told their love story in their own words, right at the beginning of this highlight film).
It has been 8 years now that we have been privileged to be a part of countless weddings and it makes me come to believe in one thing now:
For one day, the wedding day, the couple happens to be immune to all the heat, cold, wet; and time seems to pass by like thunder. Before they knew, Stephanie and Carlos’ wedding had come to the end of the night. They were in the bliss and had no idea that they had just had their outdoor wedding on one of the hottest days in Bay Area records. So much love overwhelmed the couple and that ‘s all you can see and feel from this highlight film. Neither the heat nor any hard feelings appeared, just tears of joy coming down from their cheeks.

( Testimonial ) We are so happy that we picked Dom and his crew to do our wedding video!!! We could not be any happier with the work he has done for us. This was an important decision for us because this video is going to be around for forever. After meeting with Dom we were sold! He really makes you feel at ease with his warm and friendly personality. He took into account all wants and needs and discussed every detail with us. His prices are great and his work is high quality. Dom was able to capture every moment of our wedding day. His work is amazing!!- Carlos



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