20 reasons why I love you.

nancy robert

Nancy and Robert did such a wonderful job telling their love story in their vows (in this highlight film) that we don’t have to tell you “how they met”, “how they fell in love with each other” or “how much this love means to them”.
But what I do want to point out are the gifts that they gave each other. On the wedding day, some couples give each other lavish gifts and some give “sentimental gifts”. Nancy and Robert’s gift are the latter. They are simple but meaningful gifts.
The power and the impact of the moment when they found out that they gave each other “the same gifts” is tremendous. Great minds think alike indeed.

( Testimonial) Dom and his team are amazing! I knew we wanted a videographer, but I can honestly say this was the best investment and I’m so happy we worked with him. I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with Dom. He is so patient and easygoing. But most importantly, we were absolutely blown away with how beautiful and special our wedding video turned out. The quality of the video is remarkable and like a hollywood movie, made especially for us. He captured every special moment and pieced everything together perfectly. One other note – they were so discreet and I hardly noticed they were there filming. We will treasure this video forever. We have plan to have videographer for my cousin wedding soon , he is the best . Thank you, Dom!!

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