A runaway​ acapella singer ( An Unforgettable Love Story).

More often than you’d have thought, I am asked: “what is the best love story in a wedding that you’ve ever filmed?”.

And my answer will always be, “Well, I believe that every couple has something very special in their love and wedding day. They do their thing, always unique, always special in their own way”.

However, If you ask me “what is the most mind-blowing love story?”, I will say this love story of Ross and Caro. It’s really hard to pinpoint if it’s a comedy or a tear-jerker or an action or a millennial fairy tale or a heartwarming love story. Because for me, this story is all of the above.

The officiant for this wedding did a wonderful job. He took us back where it all began a decade ago then walked us through all the twists and turns that even a Hollywood scriptwriter could not come up with.

By the end of this wedding film, I only hope that you will catch a glimpse of the way that they look at each other when they dance because that’s where their love began and carries on.

We are so, so happy with Dom’s work on our wedding video!
Dom and his team are incredibly talented. On the day of the wedding, they were never in the way and we basically forgot they were there, so all the footage they captured feels supernatural.

We got the gold package, which included multiple hours of edited footage and highlights videos, plus raw footage. We got to choose all of the background music, so everything feels very personalized.

And the videos are AMAZING! The editing work is incredible. They really capture the love and joy of the day and our story. They caught everything from big moments to little moments, and all of our family and friends have had tears in their eyes while watching them. It took 6 months for the post-production​ but Dom was responsive throughout, and it was totally worth the wait.

We initially weren’t sure whether to even have a videographer because of the cost but can now say that it was worth every penny and we are so, so happy to have the videos, which we know we’ll watch and cherish for so many years to come. We feel so fortunate to have had Dom & his team as our videographers, and are recommending him to everyone we know!- Ross

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