Great Catch, The Giants’ love. (Two San Francisco icons in one wedding).

Bay Area Wedding Videographer Bay Area ViDeO* Production, a Bay Area wedding video production, Exclusive & exquisite wedding film.
We serve San Francisco, Napa, Fremont, San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. For our craft, we developed our own ” Elegant, Unique, Timeless & Personal” cinematography style that we only can deliver.

Weddings are sometimes not only about marrying the love of your life but also doing it at a place where everyone you love, loves to be. And that led Alina and Sidney to have their wedding here. The one and only place on Earth where Giants fans want to be or even dream of having their wedding here. As Alina and Sidney did.

( Testimonial from the bride )We decided last minute to have a video recording of our wedding and we were sooooooo lucky to be able to book with Dom and his team. They were truly an amazing and professional team. Dom and his team are not the typical videographers with 1 camera. There were 3-4 video cameras (or more!) rolling all the time around us to make sure they got all the angles and view. We just picked up the video last week and finished watching it. We would tell there was a lot of effort put in to edit the video to make it like a movie/storytelling and make the rewatching experience fun and nostalgic. We had sooooo much fun watching our wedding video, and my husband watched the highlight 7 times that night we picked up the video and almost cried!!! If you were to invest in a videographer, pick Dom and u will not regret your investment.
From our first appointment meeting with Dom, we immediately felt he cares about our wedding. Dom asked us a lot of questions to make sure he captured the center of our wedding, and he did such an amazing job.
Having a videographer is very different than a photographer. We initially thought a photographer would be enough, however,​ thank GOD we decided to add on Dom. We were able to see MOVEMENTS, EMOTION, VOICES and how our guests react to things during our wedding while watching the video, which is really PRICELESS. We are super SATISFIED with the final outcome of the product Dom and his team put out. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOM~

Lastly, I would recommend against having a 1 person videographer because your wedding video will look like a boring homemade video and you will not want to rewatch a 6 hr video later on.

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