Try My Luck

rana1How does one dare to proclaim “I am the luckiest guy in the world”? You might ask, “Did he win the lotto or beat cancer?” Well… It’s not exactly that but for him it’s pretty close… The whole story started years ago at a coffee shop at Menlo Park. Greg saw Rana for the first time when she walked into the coffee shop. And in Greg’s mind it’s almost like everything turned to “slow motion” at that moment. Greg had never met Rana before and he didn’t know if she had a boyfriend. He told himself, “I might end up looking like a fool but I am going to try my luck”. And he did! Greg walked right up to Rana, introduced himself and the rest is history. And now we invite you to experience the couple’s beautiful wedding and their love story. Maybe you will agree with him that they are very lucky indeed!


( Testimonial from the bride )Bay Area VDO production did my wedding video and is definitely a 5! here are the reasons:
1. Dom is so prompt on emails, phone, he and his crew were on time and alert.
2. We both love our wedding video very much. all my friends and parents were amazed with how nicely he has put things together. IT REALLY IS A PIECE OF ART!!
3. He goes out of his ways to do exactly what client wants. I sent him few songs before the wedding, and he send me each part of the video to me with those chosen songs and some of them didn’t match so he changed it for me with the new one.
4. Dom is very patient and very creative. he added our sky diving video at the end of the wedding video, I thought it was such a great surprise. – Rana


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